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Last updated on the 28 May 2007

On the road

The road system in Ghana can be a bit under developed in some areas, but roads in the major towns have undergone renovation to improve traffic flow. Accra has extensive bus and taxi services operated by the private sector.

Many single women and men travel alone between and within cities without experiencing any problems, however, like anywhere in the world you have to take precautions to stay safe and aware of your surroundings.


There are several bus lines in Ghana. The most popular is the Intercity STC Coaches, which links most of the larger cities in Ghana. It is pretty reliable, gets you there relatively fast, and is one of the safer means of traveling.

Vanef STC and Neoplans Buses shuttle hourly between Kumasi and Accra. Other regional capitals and major towns can also be reached by buses (or tro-tros) from Kumasi.

Contact, or phone: 233-21-221-912
See for routes, fares and other information


Taxis are abundant in cities and towns. Their prices are reasonable, but prices can be reduced by picking up other passengers along the road and share the car. Simply tell the driver that he can ‘pick others’ along the way and your price should be reduced substantially. A shared taxi from Accra to Cape Coast is around 80,000 – 100,000 Cedis. A taxi without sharing should approx. be 300,000 Cedis. Drivers do not generally expect tips.

Other ways of getting around are tro-tros (minibuses) and mammy wagons (converted pick-up trucks). The traditional tro-tros (mini bus) of Ghana were once the main mode of transportation between cities. The numbers have however declined, but it's still a relatively common way of traveling and significantly cheaper than taxi.


If you intend to spend a longer time in Ghana, you may even want to buy a used motorbike to keep travel costs down and beat the traffic. You can buy a 250-500cc motorbike for approx. 4-8 million Cedis and the resale value on used motorbikes is good.

Thanks to Ghana Tourist Office - Ghana government official tourist information website

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