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Last updated on the 28 May 2007

Local Laws and Customs

Tipping is permitted in restaurants and hotels etc, it is rarely added to the bill. The quality of service should dictate the amount you tip the waiter, taxi driver, porter guide etc.

Osu Castle and Military installations are prohibited for photography and filming.


The climate is warm and tropical all year round so it is advisable to pack light, washable cotton clothing and casual wear. Bring sunglasses and comfortable walking shoes. There are no restrictions on what men and women should wear. Slacks and shorts for both sexes are tolerable.


Ghana is a tropical country. The South Western part is located within the warm wet forest zone similar to the Amazon. The capital Accra is located in the dry equatorial cones. Kumasi is in the wet savanna. It lies between 4° and 11° North at the equator and has a coastline of 540 km.

The rainy season in northern Ghana lasts from about April to October. The rest of the year is hot and dry, with temperatures up to about 38°C.

The rainy season in southern Ghana last from approx. April to June and again from September to October. Generally temperatures are between 21 - 31°C. The rains are usually restricted to specific times each day during the rainy season, therfore not continuous throughout the day.


Any electrical appliances you may bring should operate on, or be adaptable to 220 volts. Electric outlets in Ghana accept either 3pronged, or sometimes 2-pronged. British or Continental European type plus or converters.


In Country Tourism Questions
Ministry of Tourism/Ghana
P.O. Box GP 4386, Accra
Tel: 666426/666314
Fax: 666182

Ghana Tourist Board
Head Office
P.O. Box GP 3106
Tesano, Ghana
Tel: (233) 21) 222153/244794
Fax: (233) (21) 244611


Thanks to Ghana Tourist Office - Ghana government official tourist information website

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